Dr. Liza’s newest book, Living Well with Chronic Pain A Guide to Taking the First Steps, offers a medically proven approach which is vitally important to nearly one third of us (more than 100 million people in the US) if we are to minimize pain and maximize enjoyment in every area of our lives.

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Dr. Liza Leal

Dr. Liza Leal is passionate about helping others find the best ways to thrive in their everyday life. Like most of us, Dr. Liza took her health for granted until her medical career almost ended before it started. During her junior year of medical school, Leal began experiencing searing, persistent leg pain and was on the brink of organ failure after being diagnosed with advanced refractory rheumatoid arthritis. She survived, but was NOT thriving. She completed medical school in a wheelchair and began her residency with the help of a little yellow scooter. Due to limited movement and large doses of toxic medications, Leal was now tipping the scales at 204lbs, fighting off depression and looking for something different…something she wasn’t finding in her academic classes. She began researching and becoming open to help from other sources. As a result, she met her mentor and future business partner who taught her how to manage her pain, and ultimately get back in the game of life.

Today, thanks to an integrated approach to her health, she is out of the yellow scooter, pain-free, back to 134lbs and wearing high heels. Because of her personal experience, Dr. Liza utilizes unique and comprehensive approaches to healthcare by combining integrated, functional and regenerative medicine to best serve her patients.

This means, like you, Dr. Liza is an EverydayHealthHacker™, looking for what works, what helps and what we can change today for a brighter future tomorrow.

Because of her own health journey and family health history, Leal hit the health re-set button — emphasizing the importance of using macros and a Ketogenic (Keto) lifestyle to maintain a healthy weight, increase her energy & focus, protect her brain function and overall disease prevention via cellular regeneration and rejuvenation. She knows that what we put into our bodies can cause us to sink or allow us to soar. Let’s take flight together, thriving every day!

Dr. Leal is board-certified in Family Medicine and lives in Sugar Land, TX with her husband and fur-child. She is the Chief Medical Officer of Meridian Medical Dental Healthcare and Meridian Health Institute, an international speaker, author, researcher, radio & tv host and an ordained minister. Her office provides patients comprehensive medical and dental services for the simplest to the most complex of medical history. As part of the integrated and functional approach to medicine, Dr. Leal partners with her patients for their health; offering optimizing health services such as ozone hemotherapy, umbilical cord stem cell therapy and natural hormone therapy as the first line of defense.

She regularly gives presentations on Living Well with Chronic Pain, nutrition in pain management and educates on becoming an EverydayHealthHacker™.

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