What is EDHH

Everyday health hacking is the action of providing the best information for physical,
spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being. The tips and dialogues provided
empower you to live your optimal lifestyle. Small changes can lead to big rewards.

You can become an everyday health hacker.

Are you committed to improving your health and the well-being of others? Are you
eager to obtain and share the information needed to live an optimal lifestyle? Then
you, too, can become an everyday health hacker.

The EverydayHealthHacker™ website will help you get started and keep moving. You
will find health hacks for calming your mind, decreasing inflammation, eating healthy,
fasting, getting fit, living well with chronic pain, losing weight, and managing health


Everyday Health Hack

Dr. Liza H. Leal, the physician behind the EverydayHealthHacker™ website, is a trusted source of information. Everyday health hacking is part of the care she provides her growing family of patients. Dr. Leal digs into the masses of data to find codes that make sense. She shares what works for her, what you can do at home, and the science behind her suggestions. You can read Dr. Leal’s full bio here.

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Are you ready for some everyday health hacking? Be equipped to take charge of your health and then equip others to take charge of their health.